Seekers are Finders

For 16yrs I have relentlessly looked for this song. I had a short segment of the lyrics and I could still remember the melody. Without changing the lyrics that I could recall, I kept searching for this song on google and youtube and never gave up even though the same results kept showing up. Today the song visited my mind again and I quickly typed the same lyrics using my phone and voila!!! there it was!! I finally found it!! I finally found it!! “I’m praying for you” by Babbie Mason.  Hearing the song after all these years was very refreshing, like a swig of a cold coke going down the throat on a hot dusty day.  I felt so achieved I tell you!! I felt very blessed!! I now can sign with relief as I enjoy the victory of finding this song.  I sung along as if I had sung it a million times, and I was so astonished at how I was in tune with the singer.  You would think I helped her write the lyrics and arrange the song. It is still a beautiful song, and the words are as comforting and reassuring as when I first heard it. It spoke to me in a profound way because I am currently going through a situation that has tormented me for over 6 months now.  The song brings my hope to life and I know for sure, that this too shall pass because Jesus is and has always been by my side in the past. Immediately I start to “sambaza” (share) the song and one of my dearest friend responds by telling me that she was very low in spirit because her brother and father were both unwell and I tell her to listen to the song and imagine it was I singing to her.  My hope was that it would comfort her at such a hard time.

Finding this song also reminds me that “agiginyani nimegwatagira kia hinya” (Those who never give up eventually get what they seek). I am proud that I am one of  the “agiginyanis” (finders).  It reminds me that I should never give up on anything or anyone that I feel has a chance.  In this case, I did not tell anyone that I was seeking this song but now that I have found it, I am so excited to share it with others so I can bless them with my achievement.  Perhaps it is wise to keep our dreams and goals to ourselves until we achieve them to avert discouragements or embarrassments. There is never any small or big achievement or success.  No matter how small the success or achievement is, it deserves to be celebrated.  It deserves a chance to be acknowledged and bragged about.  Managing to make “matuta” on my hair is an achievement for me because I do not usually do it and I feel proud of myself for having made some neat hair knots.  Many times we compare ourselves with others and what they have managed to do and loose sight of what we have achieved.  This may make us to start complaining ourselves with others and sometimes we may end up feel unworthy thus weakening our self esteem.  We live oblivious of the fact that there are others who see us as strong go-getters while envying us and wanting what we have.  We will never have it all but whatever life blesses us with, we should nurture it and be grateful for it.  I hear people telling others, “do you, be you”. Be authentically you! Finding this song makes me realize that, if we do not give up searching for what we genuinely desire, we will get it, no matter how long it takes.  I was comforting myself yesterday as I pondered over the injustice that has been served to me by a person I engaged for professional representation by telling myself that “delay is not necessarily denied”.  Finding this song is very timely because it comes at a time when it makes much sense.  I encouraged myself by reminding myself of the many mountains and valleys I have conquered in the past and I believe that this too is one of the many huddles I must successfully jump over. I will not stop until I achieve what I seek even if it means firing this rogue of a professional and starting all over.  It does not matter how much time has been wasted while waiting for this unprofessional man to do what I have paid him for but achieving my intentions will be my ultimate trophy. 

I encourage you not to let go of your dreams, aspirations and goals even if there is no evidence of how you will achieve it, keep trying.  If you keep seeking for new ways to do it, I guarantee you that you will achieve more than you targeted.  They say, aim for the moon, and if you miss it, you will definitely hit a star.  Never be afraid to keep trying no matter how many times you flop.  If the Wright Brothers never accepted to break several bones while crashing into trees and rocks as they tested their first invention, we would never get  to fly all over the world in huge six engine airplanes. I am also reminded of when I was about 11yrs of age, and one of my molars needed to be taken out.  I was at my maternal grandparents home and my grandfather threatened to use a pair of pliers to get it out if I failed to do it myself.  I hid behind my grandmother’s wooden kitchen for almost 4hrs sweating and moaning as I pulled on that tooth.  My grandpa (bless his heart) would occasionally ask loudly if I needed help and I would loudly decline while lying I was almost done with the surgery.  When I finally pulled it out, I very proudly carried it on my palm and run to show my grandpa oblivious of how much I was bleeding. I had finally escaped being one of his victims of village dentistry. Victors are not hailed for achieving something but for how many times they failed but got up and tried again.  Have you watched a baby take it’s first steps? It falls countless times, cries with frustration with every fall but it never gives up.  The baby starts from creeping, then crawling, then to pulling up, graduates to cruising and finally to walking.  In all these attempts, it never gives up the goal of standing up and steadily walking despite the fact that it takes many months.  When the parents witness the first steps, they take videos and pictures and excitedly share this achievement with family and friends.  I sometimes wonder how the child feels having struggled all by itself through all the stages of development to the first and momentous step. From there, nothing will stop the child from walking into every room, never wanting to be put on the lap. Nothing can stop reggae for this child….hehehehe!! Do not let Covid-19 and his other 18 brothers hinder you from reaching out for that which is important to you. Quarantine is almost over and you have another chance to make things happen. Use all search engines at your disposal, wear different binoculars to look in every crook and cranny for ways to achieve what you have been desiring. Rise up you daughter and son of man, rise up and run to the finish line. Your medal awaits you!! I am here cheering you on!!

I leave you with part of the lyrics of the song that I finally nabbed…..

Times are hard; And the challenges of life;Can weigh you down;The days are dark;And it seems there is no light;That can be found
But Jesus will be waiting; At every dead-end road; And when you need to be reminded; I want you to know; That I’m praying for you, yes, I am
I’m praying for you, yes;  That you will trust in the Lord; In everything you say and do