2014 has been a year that I will never forget. It has great highs and great lows.  I loved the highs and survived the lows and for that I thank God not only for being my protect, a provider, a God, a friend but also a Father who stood by His daughter through thick and thin.

It started with me resigning from a well paying job by all standards, a prestigious place to work, and a place where some people have called home for 30yrs and above. After 9yrs of being an employee in this place, I decided to move on in pursuit of a passion, a dream and that pursuit got me into some very thick sinking sand which God effortlessly salvaged me from.  I would then move on and find myself in another location where my passion/dream was finally birthed and in two terms, we had 21 little stars in our family of Little Stars and Kids Kindergarten and day care.  In between the ups and downs, God threw in some pleasant surprises, one being me getting featured in the segment of women and Power in NTV, KISS 100 breakfast with Caroline Mutoko and also sharing a platform with the likes of  Peter Nduati at the Centonomy open day. These were the great highlight of 2014 for me.  The down hill was me finding myself financially drained by a bad business decision that I made but I choose to see it as a necessary evil so I may understand a few facts about business which no masters degree taught me.

Little Stars and Kids kindergarten was birthed amid the pains of closing down Mt. Kenya Hekima School in Gikuni and in May 2014 we admitted our first 5 kids and by the end of 2014 we had 20 children in two terms.  This whole roller coaster left me so drained emotionally and physically that I decided to take full break in December.  I also managed to sell the school bus I had bought from Julieta Academy and sold my Duet which gave birth to our school van.

What lesson will I take into 2015? That there is hope as long as I set my eyes on the goal and that is to make Little Stars the best Kindergarten in world. It is possible and with God on our side, who can be against us? I have also learned to expect great things from God and it is important that I recognise that I am just an instrument that God is using for His work and He will provide me with all I need to do His work to perfection.  I also learned that God knows what we are going through and I must work at passing the test by staying in faith and trust in His good will, love and care.  I believe so much in the St. Jude and St. Michael novena because these prayers really pulled me through the hardest parts of this year.  God surely hears us when we call on Him and He has all answers that we need and all He requires from us is a sacrifice of praise because there is nothing that we own that we can give Him other that our trust, faith and thanks/gratitude.

I have also learned that must work at silencing the negative voices that the devil throws at me and its true that the devil comes to steal, to kill and to destroy and his major intention is to lie to us so we do not achieve that which God wants us to achieve for His kingdom.  So I am here declaring and decreeing that Little Stars and Kids Company will be a force to recon with and every parent will be lining up at our doors to register their children even before birth of their children.  I declare and decree that Little Stars is not just a Kindergarten but it is a community resource center giving a variety of services for all ages.  I declare and decree that Mt. Kenya Hekima School will arise again like a phoenix, it shall arise from the ashes and become Mt. Kenya Hekima University.

So 2015, it me and you going for 100 little stars in Jesus Name!!!!!!

God, please bring my words to reality.