Its been a while!!

So much has been happening since the last time I blogged…safe to say I am not like my crazy, lunatic, rabbit teethed namesake Njoki Chege. Yeah..go ahead and tell her I called her a rabbit teethed hateful spirit…she can as well come and bash me about me being fat and what not but I will just sing…”sticks and stones can break my bones but your words can never break my bones”…..

So its been a year….cannot wait to see how it ends but I must say I have been so blessed to be alive at this moment to add more testimonies and scars of experience which are totally priceless.  There are things that you go through in life that no amount of Benjamin can buy. And Benjamin here I mean Dollars…yeah…this ones $$.  Like seeing Little Stars and Kids grow from one.. (1..kamwe ..kamoja.. .uno. .mwenga…) student to now 48.  It has been a year in which I have seen gains and loses in so many ways and I still want to meet Kris Kirubi and ask him exactly how ha manages his business/empire.  Being a boss, an investor, a manager is no jokes.  But guess what, I would not trade this experiences for anything.  It has been an opportunity to grow as a person, a woman and a mother but most of all, as a child of God.  I did not understand so many verses in the bible but now I realize that when God inspired the people who wrote the books in the bible He was not kidding. He inspired the writes to write instructions on now to live life..only that they wrote it beautifully in story form but in these stories are instructions on how to live life. It was written over 2000 years ago but all we need to run this race of life successfully and with less hustle is right in there..in that Book.

So I decided to enroll in Alabastron classes coz I felt there was something amiss.  I had started having issues with some recurring incidences in my life and I wanted to get out of the rat race…I was already too tired of doing the same thing over and over again and hoping to get negative results.  I must say I am not very happy coz this coming Saturday is the last class. I wish we could extend it for another 5 more classes.  I just might join Udada and continue meeting my fellow sisters who understand this journey of Alabastron.  Now, one of the things I had to do was forgive myself for some bad things that I had done to myself.  One of those things that I had to do was to mention all the Johns, Henrys and Toms that I had eeeeeehhh ninid with. Si you know what nini means?? Yeah..I had to mentin thme name by name…….this is as far as we go with this topic.  I forgave myself and also asked God to forgive me for among other sins that a human being commits, only the “nini” sin do you commit to your own body.  I did what I needed to do and asked them to return my spirit back to me now that each time you nini with someone they take a piece of your spirit with you and you keep theirs…spiritual ties…gademit….So I called them by name..out loud and asked them to return my spirit to me. But what has been happening since that time is that, some of them are getting in touch, many years after we last spoke to each other.  Now what am not sure is if this means the spiritual ties have not been broken ama nini.

So today, after 3yrs since the last time I communicated with this man I will call JK, he finally lands on my number after what he says was a rigorous search for it.  He really wanted to find me.  But shida ni moja tuu, there was nothing new he wanted, other that probably to get another opportunity to nini….ouch..ouch..ouch!! Like seriously???…after 3yrs, that is all it was about?  So I get all heated up and ask him if he thinks that I have been sitting here for 3yrs waiting for him to come and “refresh me”….like did he honestly think he was the only man on the face of the earth who could nini with me? Like all other men could not see this beauty sexy woman that I am other than him???  So I go all rough and tough on him until he asked me this “Yaani Njokie you hate me that much that you reject me with such force?” I must admit that I was set aback by that line.  I decided to remember what Laimani Bidali taught me about loving in the love of Corinthians 13:4-7. I felt it was an opportunity to practice that which I have been taught and so I go take a shower, relax and come back with another attitude all together. A much more soft, gentle and patient attitude.  Waooo….let us say I was glad I had a second thought.  Kumbe my friend is now a recording artist.  And among his recorded song, he sings about this Njoki woman who is a nasty matapata…..hehehehehehehe…ok, let us laugh here…hehehehehehehehe. I can tell you he sounds more like John De Mathew but then again, JK also does BGV for JDM so I think his songs are highly influenced by JDM.  Anywhooooooooo!!…I listen to about 4 tracks and I am impressed.

Now what  happens next amuses me to my gizzard.  He writes 2 chorus and says they were for me.  One chorus was about him telling Njoki to give him a chance for them to reason together and blend and another was about…..aaaaahhhhh…let me remember…….(blink..blink)……oohh yes….about how he searched the entire internet for Njoki’s number and now that he has finally found it, he is not leaving no matter what…… This becomes the highlight of my month of October.  I stopped getting all mad with this young chap and decided to just relax and get entertained.

So if you hear of a track playing in the radio stations and hear the name NJOKI, it just might be the song dedicated to me…..the story about Njokie and JK….. Hey..JK, all the best in your undertaking and when you become a superstar, please throw me some cramps from your riches.  Ukumbuke hata mimi nilichangia pakubwa katika huo uceleb wako.

Can I sleep now? It 10.10pm.

Peace!!…am out!!!