Are there times you wonder if God is really there?  Have you ever felt that if you did not take control over a certain situation then it would all come crumbling down?  When God says, “come unto me you all who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest”…do you really believe it?  Do you believe that God will take care of your cares?  Do you believe that you can take it to the Lord in prayer?….if YES…then count yourself very blessed…and that you have faith that is much more larger than the mastered seed.  For the rest us who say..No…or Maybe……then we need to up our game.

I read in an article that those who suffer from diseases like depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and all other stress related diseases, suffer because they have no confidence in God. Their faith is dead…they have no believe in God’s ability to take care of their troubles. Are you anxious or depressed about a rough patch you are currently facing or you have faced in the past?  Are you experiencing feelings of hopelessness, uselessness, helplessness and total damnation??…you are not alone…many many people are feeling exactly this all over the world.  The gist of the matter is all in how do you deal with these things that are making you feel this way and not necessarily the matter itself. This is where the 90/10 principal comes to play.  This principal was coined by Stephen Covery, the well-known motivational speaker and author of the best-selling “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” which sold more than 20 million copies in 38 languages. He died at the age of 79yrs on July 16th, 2012.  Stephen stated that you really do not have any control over 10% of what happens. The other 90% was determined by your reaction.  REACTION!!!…this is where the crux of the matter lies.

Let me first start by telling you of what I have been experiencing  lately that got me into some emotional turmoil………mmmmhhhh…on a second thought…I will not discuss this here……but trust me, it really bothered me to a point I started to reconsider how I have been reacting to challenges that come my it from the office, my family or any other long as it is something that does not please me…..I found out that I have been reacting very badly…thus causing me anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.  It has taken me back to what my mother taught me….not to depart from God…so it has been me, my Bible and my God.  I have seen things really change…..Did you know that the bible has many advices on how to deal with various challenges??….so now I have bought a wrist ribbon…G pange…and it glows in the dark….G stands for God and PANGE stands for …unipange…so in other words G PANGE means GOD NIPANGE….and it has worked for me. It has helped me to change my attitude towards these challenges and people who may be messing around with my life.  I have left it all to God. So read the bible each day and talk to your heavenly Father whose promises are great over your life. He says that His plans for you are plans of a great future full of hope….and that He will never ever leave you and that vengeance is His. Mwachie Mola and He will never disappoint you.