Unending Challenges of life

Yes, life is strange!!..sometimes I wonder what life is all about. When I look at people like Michael Jackson, just when he thought he was going to do his final 70 concert shows, his heart decides to stop. Impeccable timing I must say!! When Michael was alive, he did all he could to fulfill his passion for music. He died banded as the “King of Pop music”, a legacy which will last for a very long time. His music is loved by people from across creed, culture, race, generation and believes.  He came from a humble beginning, but he crashed all the walls built against him even before his birth, and set a pace which many aim to keep up with or even overtake.  But despite all the money and fame, Michael is said not to have lived a very “happy” life.  Much scandal haunted him while alive and even in death. Accusations of molesting young boys continue to stream the airwaves and many stories depicting how unhappy he was continue to be told.  This comforts me in one way or another, that despite the fact I will not be as famous as he was, perhaps I live a better life than him.  Of course money is important and can buy you a whole lot of good stuff but can it really buy you happiness which steams only from the heart?  This makes me to quickly scan though my life, looking at where I have been, and where I am now, and sometimes afraid of where I am going because of the past experiences. Is there a time when I don’t have some problem to settle? Its either finances, employment, relationships and perhaps my weight…..all the time…somethings needs to be sorted out. Once I have gotten a good job, there comes a relationship that starts for all the wrong reasons and when it ends, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And I promise myself and my friends that I will not be on a rebound but sooner than I have swallowed that saliva, in comes John, looking all yaammie and there I am once again in another fruitless relationship. So where are the good men? Mmmmmhh!!? what happened to the factory of good men?…..then after a while, after celebrating that I had a good job, in comes the retrenchment and OOOOhhh my goshness…last in first out is the policy….and then I am jobless again….and this goes on and on and on and one is left to wonder, when will troubles end? Anybody knows?

Despite life having so much ups and downs and unending upheavals, the truth remains, this is what life is all about. For those who believe in a higher being, like me, the one we all God, we know it is a great choice to depend on His counsel and support.  Besides, what does one loose in believing that there is a powerful being that has good intentions and good plans for their life? Sanity can quickly erode especially when trying to do it all by yourself.  The devil is very busy scheming and planning against our success and he never gets bored neither does he run out of ways to steal, kill or destroy.  My advice to myself and to you is, lean more on God and put all your trust in Him and Him alone. 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3: 5-6).