In the Pursuit of Happiness.

As I watched Will Smith and son act the movie title “In The Pursuit of Happiness”, it felt like the he was enacting my life in one way or another. I was really feeling the father in the movie….trying so hard to make a living, hustling from dusk till dawn and never making ends meet. Putting food on the table becomes a daily struggle and perhaps having a spouse who does not see how hard you are trying. Well, you might be asking if I am a man, hell no…I am a woman but there are times when you feel like I do not appreciate what I do for myself too. I am my own spouse if you want to know. I am single, not married..or should I say I was once married to a Psycho…true story…the man was a true Neurotic Psycho…8yrs spent on nothing else but momentary happiness but followed by days of sorrow and tears. I was in pursuit of happiness like 90% of the time I was in that hopeless marriage. Thinking that if I changed my looks, my weight, my dressing, my talking style, etc would make this hell boy love me more. I must say it was all futile. It never worked. I found emense happiness when I left him though I left my son as well. But what was I gonna do with the boy? I was not fit enough to even take care of myself anyway, how was I going to take care of a 6yr old. I remember leaving that home with Kshs.150 of which I used Kshs.20 for transport and it was freedom….freedom at last!! I have never looked back or regretted leaving that man, but I embrace the experience, no matter how damaging it was to my person, my ego and my world view. But I left a winner. But the pursuit of happiness did not end there and now I realise that it will never end until I take my final breath. Each day at each state of our lives, we are in pursuit of happiness. We achieve one thing and we still continue to look for more things that will make us happier….and the pursuit and search goes on and on and on and on and on!!………my way of thinking matter where you are….be happy!!!