Self Quarantine

Self Quarantine

With all the panting as I moved my things out of the UHAUL and into my new house, the chilly air I was breathing into my lungs, my throat got some form of irritation.  So when I got into the store to buy some stuff, I began to cough.  I was comfortably moving form one isle and onto the next oblivious that I had coughed more than a couple of time. I got conscious of my coughing when someone whispered loudly enough for me to hear, "Someone is coughing mama".  I quickly headed for the cashier with what I had before they called 911.  The mentioned of "Coronavirus" is getting chills running down our spines, with all media covering almost nothing else other than Coronavirus and the deaths of some victims. 

People have been asked to self quarantine, and as funny as this may sound, it would be the most noble thing to do to curb the spread of this deadly and dreadful virus.  It has been a while since we had a virus that affected people all over the world, and such an epidemic can reek health havoc since it is affecting people despite their race, creed or geographic location.  I now feel like am one of the cast in the movie named  "Pandemic"(2016)  in which a virus is shown to have overtaken the planet and there were more infected than uninfected. My prayer is that the situation does not get to the magnitude displayed in the movie because it would be catastrophic. The lab guys better not sleep and get a vaccination faster than immediate.

But as we quarantine out bodies, it would also be a good time to do the same for the spirit and spend sometime in meditation.  It is a great time to do some soul searching and find a way to kill the spiritual and emotional viruses that may have infected us but we have not payed much attention to the emotional havoc they have been quietly causing. These kinds of viruses creep in slowly in the most subtle way but the damage they cause to the soul, mind and body is imminence may take many hours, days and even years to cure. They enter the mind via many modes and as long as we are alive, they will find our weakest point to penetrate and multiply affecting our ego and subsequently our character. Just as the Coronavirus is killing those who have been having a compromised immune system, the old, or the already sick, so do the emotional and spiritual viruses kill those who are already emotionally or spiritually compromised or and weak.

"Life is like a virus, if you don't have fate or hope, you will loose your immunity to that virus"  Anonymous

Introspection is a practice that we may want to inculcate into our lifestyle where we sit in silence and examination our conscious thoughts and feelings.  The aim should be to discover any unhealthy beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that need to be nipped in the bud before they infect our ego.  If they go unchecked and dealt with on time, they may negatively affect our personality and consequently our relationships with others. In observing one's mental state, and one's soul, it is possible to find "viral infections" caused by these viruses that may have entered the system while we are busy criss crossing the streets of life.  They may have found their way into your ego, soul, and or mind as we relate with others or as we deal with unfavorable situations. Most of the times, we are affected by commission or omission. Someone did something to you, or did not do something that you expected them to do and you got upset and negatively affected and in turn the emotions that come with these such acts may or will affect you in many ways. Most of the times our trust is broken and we may struggle to trust others even though they may not have given us a reason to doubt them.  It is said that "once beaten, twice shy" and in my mother tongue we say, "wanarumwo ni nyoka wonaga kamukwa ukaruga". This means that, a person who has once been bitten by a snake will jump at the sight of a rope or string. So before we jump with fear over every encounter in our lives, before we get paralyzed by these virus of life, it is best we sit down from time to time and meditate.  With constant self "quarantation", we may discover so much that has been multiplying inside of our ego, soul and mind behind the scenes. This in turn will give us the opportunity to conjure ways to mediate the viruses before they overwhelm our immunity.

"Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body. Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. Silence is the great teacher and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it." Deepak Chopra

With a hand sanitizer in my handbag and in my car, latex gloves and face masks at arm's reach, I am off to building the nation. Now I feel so next to godliness because of the cleanliness I have obtained since Coronavirus became the "now showing" in the world's movie theater.

keep safe, keep clean and keep away from shaking hands, hugging, kissing, using paper money, touching your faces, and the faces of others......