Its been a while since I wrote anything other than answers of my second semester exams about two weeks ago. I feel rather rusty and my brain is on a go slow. It does not want to be bothered with too much thinking. For that reason, I will not be hopping inside any cold, dusty classroom. My butt does not want to seat on those not-agronomic seats at all…it is tired and numb from sitting under the “mugumo” tree discussing at least to save face. Those discussions really saved me for sure and I thank the other 4 girls who were there with me, freezing under the cruel chilly mornings of July 11 to July 15, 2011. No wonder after three days I noticed that my hands’ skin was kind off flaking. No manicure or pedicure would save them but am thankful it was all for a good course.

Now, lets talk about steadfast faith. Rev. Ambrose Nyang’ao of Parklands Baptist Church had this pumped inside my head on Sunday that I should have a faith that does not diminish just because what I am praying for does not come at the speed am hoping for. Steadfast faith is the faith that can endure days and months and even years, hoping for something even though it does not come immediately. This reminds me that I have been praying for a caring and loving partner. When I say partner, I mean a husband, a lover, a friend……or whatever you may want to call it. I in April 2009, I made a list of the characteristics that I would want in a man….22 in number….its now July 2011 and all I have met are men totally not the one I have been praying for. I have noticed that when it comes to this department, I tend to loose faith very fast. Eventually I find myself saying this…”there are no good men out there. All good ones dead…6 feet under, decomposing and probably en-route to becoming fossil fuel. Even being married does not mean that I will be happy…” This is a pure sign of faith that is not steadfast. Most ladies, especially single ones like me really desire to meet that good man who will love them in a special way. But since the world is full of disappointments, they also despair. They feel that they will not or should I say, never find a good man. Yet in their prayers, they ask God for that man. Right after the pray, they forget that they need a steadfast faith, faith that lasts beyond 7hrs, 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months and even 7yrs. This is the kind of faith that God wants us to have. I choose to have that faith. That no matter what everyone else is going through, I will connect with the kind of man I have been praying. I will deliberately choose not to think negatively about men, relationships, marriage and keep my faith steadfast that God is working behind the scenes…preparing a man who will love me not only the way I would want to be loved but how God wants me to be loved. Even though I have kissed enough frogs, toads and crocodiles, I will not give up. My faith is steadfast, focused on the end result…..a good loving and caring man. What will you do yourself?….yes, you who is single and hoping to find love? Remember that God is not man that He should lie or change His mind. Read Numbers 23: 19 – 20 and Isaiah 55: 11 and get encouraged. Start to have faith that God will give you all that you desire and keep your faith locked right there. Do not talk, think or act any different. Do not kill the seed you have just planted..the seed of faith…just soldier on and don’t give up. Be like those described in Isaiah 40: 31. Amen